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Wooden Cane

So you need a tavern...

Fiction gave me an idea of what to expect in a tavern long before I ever started visiting taverns on my own. Fictional taverns are rooms away from the light of the outside world, but full of characters each with their own story. A place just brimming with potential adventure.

And that adventure can so often be summed up with a name. The Mos Eisley Cantina. The Prancing Pony. The Patrick Henry Pub.

To create the Tavern Name model, I started with a list of (mostly) fictional pub names. I then broke them down into their constituent parts and looked for patterns. After that, some parts were weighted more than others in an attempt to replicate the diversity. You can see an example of the model below.

Data Type Example
Article The
Age Old
Dis/Dir Western
Modifier Wooden
Base Wagon
Title Tavern