Behold the glory that is


Oh Dear God

So-called "good" gods in fiction tend not to get nearly the attention their evil counterparts get. I don’t recall the Creator in The Wheel of Time getting nearly the attention that The Dark One gets.

That being said, and with an eye towards balance, good gods can have alternate names too. Like with evil gods, the good gods’ names seem to revolve around the aspects that societies cherish - creation, protection, steadiness,and love. And wine. For some reason, good gods get wine.

Here, too, white has been removed as shorthand for good.

As this model was based on the Dark God generator, the patterns fall into two very similar categories

  1. "X of Y" like Mother of Truth
  2. "XY" like Heartspark

Like with the evil gods, the titles here are equally gendered. After all, Dishwalla did make the bold statement that God could be a “her.”