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Let's Talk About Big Bad Evil

Sauron is a force so dark and so old that he's worn a great many names and titles through his reign - The Black Master, The One Enemy, The Base Master of Treachery. Sauron even bears a much more common title, and one that most people might not associate with him - the Lord of the Ring.

The use of alternate names for an evil god can show the fear that the being inspires. But it also can show the things that a society fears or deems immoral - creatures, acts, bodily fluids. One item of note, though a lot of older fantasy tends to use "black" as shorthand for evil, I have omitted those from the model.

This model was originally based on the many names for The Dark One from Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time. In there, the references tended to fall into two categories

  1. "X of Y" like Father of Lies
  2. "XY" like Lighteater

There are two that don’t fit the model ("Old Hob" and "Caisen Hob"). As these use proper names specific to the source material, they were omitted.

Beyond that, I the selection of elements and titles significantly as well as adding feminine gendered terms (Lady, Mother) because women can be Dark Lords too.